The 2012 All Oldsmobile Car Calendar!


The cars have been chosen and the printer has started printing the “2011 All Oldsmobile Car Calendar”. 


Thanks to all the Oldsmobile fans, owners, and lovers out there, this year we will be offering a one-of-a-kind calendar ready for your garage, office or den with ALL OLDSMOBILE CAR pictures featured each month!


These are the full size, spiral-bound glossy calendars, featuring 12 awesome Oldsmobile's!  There is a great mix of current and vintage street cars, stock high-dollar restorations, and even a few drag cars thrown in!  Here are a few samples of some of the months of the calendar:

The very back of the calendar has as many Oldsmobile owners as I could fit on it that submitted there cars! Maybe yours is on there! 



Here’s the price break down: 


For large quantities and special situations you can send payments directly to me via PayPal:




* All calendars are sent US Postal Service priority mail with no insurance unless arrangements are made prior to payment. I had many problems with calendars not arriving using the 1st class mail option......


** International shipping is available thru USPS actual shipping does apply.... it will be more than the listed shipping prices above. I will work with you to get you your calendars just email me at the email address below. I have successfully shipped to Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Puerto Rico and many other over seas countries!


Please email me at if you have any questions, thoughts, comments, or concerns.


Remember:  Supplies ARE limited!  Get yours TODAY!


Thanks!  Big Jerr